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The YES! Tour Setlist (21/8/14)


Hello, You Beautiful Thing


Song for a Friend

The Remedy

Out of My Hands

You Can Rely On Me


Back to the Earth

The Dynamo of Volition

The Woman I Love

3 Things

A World Without You


Love Someone

93 Million Miles

Only Human

Long Drive

Bottom of the Sea

I Won’t Give Up

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I’m Yours

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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As much as I may seem like a really shy and nice guy I think it would be awesome to have like a secret relationship, the thrill from hiding and sneaking around and pretending not to know each other in a room full of strangers and you both know everyone here is less important then that person sounds so sexy!

I bet it will last longer as well cause it doesn’t come with all the drama of other people’s opinions.

Filed under just a thought I decided to share but I guess first you'll have to have someone actually interested in you lonely I hate returning to an empty double bed if I get rich I'd hire a girl to pretend that she completely loves it'll probably be the closest thing to a human being caring about me and I'm okay with that